Rolls Royce Phantom I: Cylinder head overhaul and rectify poor steering.
1913 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost:

Overhaul broken sphere and carry out detailing work to chassis and engine.

Rolls Royce Phantom II:

Overhaul semi-expanding carburettor and carry out final check of restored coachwork

Rolls Royce Silver Ghost: Prepare for Alpine Rally. Fit steam separator to radiator.
Rolls Royce Silver Ghost: Complete re-wire. Repairs to broken windscreen frame.
Derby Bentley 3 ½: Full service. Axle ratio change.
Rolls Royce Phantom II:

Repair to rear axle pinion assembly. General setting up of carburation and ignition system.

Bentley 3 ½ Engine: Complete overhaul.
Rolls Royce Phantom I: Rear axle ratio change. Attention to coachwork cappings etc.
Bentley SI: Full service and adjustments to ride height.




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