'The car has never run like this before, it is completely different.  What an amazing job, it is so smooth and sounds fab'.


'Just came back from doing 110 miles in the Bentley today, it is a different car, love it.  Has made me smile from ear to ear and it is a while since I have enjoyed a car this much'.


Matt Kelly, Anglezark




'Just got back from Spain.  Car was perfect without a moment's problem'


David Thomas 



'My goodness, the car really flies now!  Unbelieveable.


That leaking banjo must have been causing fuel starvation for some time.  The difference is huge.  Perfect cold start, and once warmed it certainly revs eagerly right through the range.  I have had it up to 4750rpm, with lots more to come. (Still building the rev limit post run-in).


It is now a genuinely quick car.  Really impressive performance.


Thank you so much, and for handing it back so beautifully polished.  Can't wait for Spring!'


David McLaren






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